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Updated on Jun 26, 2017
( 7:13 pm )

Date Admitted
Litter Trained
Good with Children
Picture #
12/26/16 Domestic Shorthair Spayed Black 2 Yrs,
5 Mos
Unknown Unknown NO 28873
1/10/17 Domestic Shorthair Spayed Tabby White 1 Yr,
3 Mos
Unknown Unknown NO 28888
4/5/17 Domestic Shorthair Spayed Tortoise 1 Yr,
2 Mos
Unknown Unknown NO 28959
4/10/17 Domestic Shorthair Spayed Black 2 Yrs,
2 Mos
Unknown Unknown NO 28968
4/11/17 Domestic Shorthair Spayed Black White 3 Yrs,
2 Mos
Unknown Unknown NO 28971
5/3/17 Domestic Shorthair Neutered Tabby 4 Yrs,
7 Mos
YES Unknown NO 29004
6/1/17 Domestic Shorthair Male Orange Tabby 11 Wks Unknown Unknown NO 29050
6/7/17 Domestic Shorthair Female Tabby Tortoise 10 Wks Unknown Unknown NO 29071
6/12/17 Domestic Shorthair Spayed Black White 2 Yrs Unknown Unknown NO 29075
6/22/17 Semi-longhair Female Tabby White 4 Mos Unknown Unknown NO 29109

Cats that are admitted into the Shelter as strays are not eligible for adoption for a minimum of 48 hours from the time they are admitted. Unwanted cats are eligible for adoption on the following day. All animals must be 7 weeks of age or older to be placed up for adoption. All of our animals are given a health and temperament evaluation, treated for any health condition requiring attention (i.e. worming), and given their basic inoculations before being placed up for adoption.

The Crawford County Humane Society tries to keep all of our animals as long as possible, but there is no set length of time for which stray cats will be held. (By separate arrangement, stray cats picked up from within Meadville city limits will be held for 72 hours from the time of arrival at our Shelter.)

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